The warming will rearrange entire biological communities and cause many species to become extinct.Hydro power is currently in use for only about six percent of the world when we have so much water to take advantage of.Countries all around the globe are feeling the effects of current global warming trends.Science is all about having proof and the proof is all in front of us.

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It is also released from cars but not nearly as much as carbon dioxide is.

In some regions, river flow will be reduced or stopped all together completely.What can we do to help the cause of stopping or at least slowing the effects of global warming.A general contractor in Barrow noted that the depths at which pilings for structures must be set have increased by several feet over twenty years.

These gases trap heat and cause the greenhouse effect, rising global temperatures.Predictions show boreal forests moving as much as 550 kilometers northward over the next century (Climate Change, 2002), and the tundra is expected to.

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The heaving of permafrost damages roads, homes, and other buildings.In these areas the whales feed upon the booming populations of phytoplankton and zooplankton.

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If the melting of permafrost continues, the permafrost regions could change from a global carbon sink to a major source of carbon.The Arctic region affected by global warming includes the town of Barrow, Alaska.

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The total ice cover season is 16 days shorter then it was in 1850.Another problem caused by permafrost melting is an increase in coastal erosion.

If we do not slow down our use of fossil fuels and stop destroying, the forests, the world could become hotter than it has been in the past million years.A study done by the INSTAAR, CRIES, and AEROSPACE program at the University of Colorado found the costal erosion rates from 1948 to 2002.

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Custom Effects of Global Warming essay paper writing service Buy Effects of Global Warming essay paper online.The 4,500 inhabitants of Barrow are therefore at risk physically and economically if a strong storm occurs.Humans contribute to the amounts of nitrous oxide by using it for medical purposes such as a pain killer and also by using it for fertilizer.The current form that is produced in the U.S. is HFC which is used in refrigerators and air conditioners.With ice melting, the whales can travel further and further from shore.A study performed by Amanda Lynch and Ronald Brunner found that with the expect return wind increase and current coastal erosion rate that is a flood were to occur the damage would be significant.

This occurs from the huge quantities of human carbon dioxide and also other greenhouse gasses that are added to the atmosphere every minute.

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Adaptation involves adapting to the plans implemented with mitigation, and would probably cause more economically stable countries to contribute more to less economically stable countries (Berner Et al, 2004).Figure 4 shows a house in Barrow being carried out to sea in the October flood of 1963.As temperatures rise, there is an increase in the thinning and retreating of Arctic ice packs, which provide habitat for many animal species.

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Methane occurs when plants decay and there is not too much air.

The Arctic sea which is usually full of ice will soon lose the ice and just be water if global warming continues at this pace.Polar bears feed almost exclusively on the seals that they hunt on the ice edge or through the pack ice itself.One other leading contributor to the rising levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is deforestation to clear land for farming and new developments.One idea for implementing mitigation would be for economically stable countries to agree and sign on to the Kyoto Protocol, which requires countries to reduce.It is the most well know because it accounts for about 80 percent of the greenhouse gasses and can come from the most places.It is projected by some biologists that the coral reefs with the rising levels of carbon dioxide will be non existent as soon as in 50 years.Last, the fluorocarbons are contributed to by humans from the use of air conditioners and refrigerators.Home Table of Content Essay on Global Warming Global Warming Bill Humor on the Subject Movie Review Five Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Graph of the Facts Quiz video The End Table of Content answer key.

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