This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.In terms of considering the fundamental premises of an individual, it becomes necessary to understand the things that he demands and thereby, one can formulize the perspectives of costs and rewards to achieve the determined goal.The realization of the individual gets developed to community and ultimately towards the attainment of global peace and security.

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In many cases the status of interpersonal relationships are attained through emotional bonding and these bonding get weaken under the formulation of cost and reward structure.From individualistic point of view, the theory generates the wider social context and demands for a grass root development of human behavior.Free essay on Social Exchange Theory available totally free at, the largest free essay community.This essay will discuss the theory of social alternate, how it is put on real-life situations.

They are also considered as joint outcomes for the purpose of meeting voluntary individual actions.In the process, positive attitude needs to get added to the discoveries of interpersonal relationships.It further supports the essence to permeate all sorts of social phenomena and infrastructural modulations.He developed a theoretical perspective of social exchange on the practice of marriage and kinship system of primitive societies.The evaluation and the comparative analyses initiated for the comprehensive realization of social penetration theory and social exchange theory are the basis for realizing the differences and the importance of these theories in the determination of international context.Back in high school while driving home on the school bus it collided head on with another vehicle.

In order to compare social penetration theory and social exchange theory, it is very necessary to understand that they are not only interrelated, but also diversifies each others in varied different grounds.It is the grass-root venture that adds the importance of personality in an individual.According to Baumeister and Vohs (2004, p 5) social exchange theory is related to the positive amount expectations and management of profit determined for both parties that are involved in the case.Everything we do is focussed on writing the best possible assignment for your exact requirements.Human relationships can thereby get terminated and innumerable instance might follow such conditions.If both parties are content with what they receive, they tend to increase their own service in order to encourage the other to increase his response reciprocally, and to stay out of indebtedness.Social penetration theory is closer to the ethical and moral expectations of human society, whereas social exchange theory is very much inclined towards the implementation of economical support demanded by any relationship.

A realization from personal to social periphery is very necessary in adopting modifications for the society.There are possibilities, when a relationship can continue and end with prejudice.In the workplace, this exchange may entail reward exchanged for a costly act.The means of reciprocation should be well defined by the social and cultural context.Once sensitized to it, social exchange can be witnessed everywhere, not restricted to economic relationships, but in friendship and love relationships as well.However, to a great extent the initiations are managed for gaining relevant and dependable society in social contexts.

It is thus very necessary to concentrate over the management of bodily movements and to have synchronized mode of communication.Further this theory is very weak in terms of dealing with human emotions.Rewards are meant for those who can illustrate the original innocence and honesty to the process of penetration.In general, the social exchange theory consists of social relations rather than public.The purpose of this theory is to generate transparency in a person and to make him aware of the hurdles that might come in his way, or might get created by him in social context.In this process, it becomes the sole responsibility of men and women to negotiate through the formats of costs and rewards.To a great extent these are the fields that are maintained for meeting the wider peripheries of establishing human relationships and determined conditions for integrating the same.

This analytical device under social penetration deals with the peripheral exchange of understanding private information.

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This theory overwhelms the individuals and gives him a chance to look into his inner self.Every attempt is very dominant to the exploratory terms of managing affective stages of dealing with expressions, speeches and declarations of personal attitudes.

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Roles led by cultural anthropology through the initiations led by economic anthropologists are very important for the understanding f cultural and cross cultural demarcations.The connectivity determined for the persuasion of this closeness has been negotiated through the developmental structure and proceedings related to self-disclosure, added by the elements of gradual and systematic process of managing relations.The basic idea is to stick to the role that the society expects to see in the person.

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In the former one, there is a relevant scope to understand an individual with proper inner speculations.

This is a theoretical expedition that is usually intended to meet the demands of the contemporary social interactive bases.The theory demands for a process of realizing individual through his activities and the modes of managing verbal as well as non-verbal communicative structures.These theories initiate its formulations for the administration of social conflicts and thereby created room for mutual understanding.

The thread of negotiation has been considered to be a strong base for the persuasion of social exchange theory in pragmatic fields.This misleads the contemporary structure of the society and the individual too gets wrongly identified.The major objections forwarded by Miller are related to the actual derivative consequences of the theory.These scholars further add that by way of being a vulnerable entity a person can develop a close relationship with another person.Find new research scholars to exchange and. Et al. Pdf file. Human freedom and reality has haunted economists.To this context Blau declared the importance of social exchange theory in the following words.Developments in terms of interpersonal relationships are thus generated through these modes.As the individual gets into the modes of social penetration, he discovers the importance of emotional and substantive components utilized in the process.It is the process dealing with the dynamics of relationships in broader developmental grounds.

Social Exchange Theory and Relationships. a) choose one of the theories from the course that particularly interests you (e.g. Uncertainty Reduction Theory).A reward resulting from a relationship could be, for stance, pleasure, amusement, company or the.Social Exchange Theory 2 Application of: The Social Exchange Theory In everyday interactions people are always looking to have a positive experience among.The documents downloaded from or its affiliates are not to be.This paper is making a comparative analysis of Social Penetration Theory and Social Exchange Theory.When examining this very there are a number of inputs that need to be considered which will impact on the way that the.While evaluating social exchange theory, it s important to note the fact that social exchange theory do not consider change as an integral part of its application.