Yet, in many ways, the medieval crusades were far worse than anything attempted by modern religious terrorists.

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In other terms, every historical event can be viewed, and analyzed, from different perspectives, most of which are nothing but a long chain of different causes, psychological, sociological, anthropological, spiritual or financial.Military, Political, Religious, and Social Consequences Crusades.After the Normans attacked the Greece sometimes later, and appeared as a direct threat to Constantinople, both sides of the Latin Empire began to concern about their frontiers.

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Objective: To identify and explain significant effects of the Crusades on Western Europe. In Europe, a long-term effect of the Crusades was. the strengthening of th.The Church gained many followers and much donations were received Islam also was impacted as the religion lost their holy lands.The Crusades in their Relation to the Renaissance.--. GENERAL EFFECTS OF THE RENAISSANCE.However, other scholars support H.E.J. Cowdrey who argues that a pope like Urban II, as a former monk of Cluny, should have felt a devotional love to Jerusalem, the heart of the Christian world.

Upgrade to Premium to enroll in History 101: Western Civilization I.Learning Outcome After completing this video lesson, you should be able to explain the social, economic and political impacts of the Crusades.

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Maybe the king was not powerful enough to persuade them to support his position against the clerics, but the clerics themselves could frustrate their supporters.You better consult: 1.Wikipedia 2.Encyclopedia Brittanica 3.Crusades and after effects.

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Holy warfare became the will of God, the duty of every Christian.

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They were not curtailed until the Turkish Empire took over the eastern half of the Mediterranean circa 1500.The aristocrats, on the other hand, could lose their faith and cut their supports to the church.His successor, Sultan Alp Arslan (1063-1072) defeated the Byzantine army at the battle of Manzikert in 1071 and extended the Seljuk Empire to include much of Anatolia.List 3 long term effects of the crusades essay Skrevet af - 1.

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The Byzantines had an excellent navy, and for centuries they had thwarted the efforts of the Italians to gain a stranglehold on Mediterranean trade.

Economic Downturn Casts Doubt on the Value of Higher Education.Visit the History 101: Western Civilization I page to learn more.

This was the second and deadly stroke to the Muslim power in the East.

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One of those factors was the conversion of a large Turkish tribe, the Seljuks, to Sunni Islam, whose most prominent ruler, Tughrul Beg, took the control of Baghdad from its Caliph by 1055 and became Sultan.During the 10th century more and more clergymen entered the battlefield of gain and greed, making themselves more and more like the non-spiritual rulers.Rather than feeling guilty about murdering people, Crusaders came to expect heavenly rewards for murdering people.With the Byzantines out of the way, the Italians, and especially the Venetians, enjoyed unchallenged power over the Mediterranean Sea.Economic Impact of the Crusades The trade of ideas and luxuries with the East had already been underway for a century or two before the Crusades even began.

The Crusades: A Complete History. fears as to its long-term prospects after he left meant that the holy.What Are Some Of The Crusades Important Long Term Effects Im Looking For A Short And Simple Answer.Therefore, seeking any long-term reason, namely a kind of background, for this historical event can be seem like a disappointing effort, because nothing significant of that kind is to be found at the first glance.Pope Urban was clearly playing to the violent tendencies of his audience when he called for the First Crusade.

These impressions from the East would be instrumental in shaping the civilization of the West.The conflict between the two has been intensified during the first decades of the 11th century, when.It must have been horrifying to see armed bands of religious zealots approaching to attack a city or castle.However, it can be said that for each point in every historical process there is one, or more, perspectives to view that very point.Elinor Ostrom Becomes First Woman to Win the Nobel in Economic Science.

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Political Impact of the Crusades These massive expenditures on the part of European monarchs had a profound effect on European politics.Our Marking Service will help you pick out the areas of your work that need improvement.

But just a couple of centuries past and the situation changed dramatically.There were many short term and long term effects of the crusades.