When he ignores these warnings, nature is sure to defeat man.Although the cold forest was native to the dog he still had to respect his owner, the man, to taking the lead into the forest when the dog clearly knew it was too cold for survival.The characters in this story are the unnamed man, the dog, and the old-timer from Sulphur Creek.But the dog is also better prepared to deal with the risks of extreme cold as his act of biting away the ice on his paws shows.However, he still refuses to consider the possibility of his own death and he still focuses on the practical steps toward survival.Overconfidence and Arrogance in To Build a Fire by Jack London.The author uses the 8 aspects of fiction to reflect his point of view that it takes brains to survive.

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In 1991, millions of people tuned in to CNN to observe a real life and death drama played out in the cities and deserts of Iraq.

He cannot feel his feet and looks down to make sure he is truly standing.

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If the man would have listened to the old timer in the beginning of the story he would have never had to be in any of the situations.The miner is the protagonist and the wolf-dog companion is the foil because the wolf-dog plays off of the traits of the protagonist.He cannot successfully control his hands as he adds sticks to the fire.He murmurs aloud to the man that he was right in his advice about traveling alone.The setting of the story in the extreme cold of the largely uninhabited Yukon establishes the thematic role nature will play from the beginning.

Theodore Dreiser depicts naturalism in An American Tragedy in many ways.The man leaves against the advice of a local and after a short time realizes that he should have waited.Stubbornness is a horrible character flaw of the man in the story.

However one man decided he would be the one prove this axiom wrong.He begins to admit that the old man was right and that the situation is extremely serious.

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He tries to push a wet piece out of the flames, but he scatters the coals he has been cultivating.

The freezing does not matter, the man tells himself, as the fire roars to life.Occasionally, he reflects on the cold, realizing that he has never experienced such extreme temperatures before.With themes anyone can relate to, such as survival and man versus nature, it is.The story displays how the forces of nature can surprisingly overwhelm even the most confident of men.Ignoring advice about traveling alone in the brutal Alaskan winter, the man begins his journey with his dog.

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Naturalism showed how humans had to be wary at every corner because at anytime death could be there, waiting for them to make a mistake and forfeit their lives.The NIOSH investigators report did conclude some of the factors could have been avoided.

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Within novels, many small conflicts may exist but more often than not, in a short story there is one main conflict that is very important to the structure, plot, theme, and characterization of the short story.His lack of control of his hands is such that he accidentally puts out the fire he is trying to create.

During his journey, the man gets his feet wet as he falls through the ice into the water of a hot spring (London 122).Then, without warning, the ice breaks and the man falls through into a shallow pool.The man is hiking alone toward Henderson Camp to meet the boys, his traveling companions.After his fire fails, his hands are too cold to allow him to pick up matches.He gets one match in his teeth and strikes it on his leg, but the smoke in his nose causes him to spit out the burning match into the snow.He thinks only of his plan for lunch and of his arrival at the camp in the evening.He regains some hope of being able to run far enough to keep his feet from freezing, to reach the camp.

The freedom described by Jean-Paul Sartre results in all individuals having the ability to make present choices independently.Never realizing the ramifications of exposure to such brutal weather when temperatures are fifty degrees below freezing, he pushes forward, thinking he can beat nature and reach the camp before dark.The second most important in characters because both of the characters in this story tell a lot when readers begin to analyze the characters traits and actions which also ties into plot.The building itself was reported to be fire proof, but what about its contents.Argumentative essay on to build fire Brentan September 30, 2016 Critical review essay point you essay build a difference.Once, he startles away from a place as he feels the ice move.The man is cautious and careful in his fire building, and, yet, he overlooks the thing that will destroy him: the location of his fire under the pine trees.His quick hiking helped keep his blood flowing, but as soon as he stops walking to build a fire, his extremities grow cold quickly.

The landscape has no effect on the man, despite the fact that it is new to him.The whiteness of the land, covered in ice and snow, is broken only by the trail which leads 500 miles south and 1,500 north all the way to the Bering Sea.Because the man is only quick and alert to the things of life and not the significance, he finds himself in some very bad circumstances.